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The sun was high, and not a dark cloud in sight. The tarmac was hot and sticky. Perfect. It's the Wheeltek GP 5 at the Carmona Racing Circuit.


You're always late because of traffic? Broken wallet with the skyrocketing fuel prices? Unsafe public commute? Motorcycle is the answer.

Motorcycle VS. Price

Price: buying your first motorcycle is far cheaper than buying your new car.
* The Cheapest Brand new car we can find cost around P400,000. The Cheapest Brand new motorcycle we can find cost around P30,000. That’s P370,000 you can spend on anything you want.

Motorcycle VS. Stress

Stress: Based on a recent survey, the main cause of stress for commuters and drivers are traffic jams. Who doesn’t get stressed out in our country’s traffic jams? Believe it or not – many motorcycle riders. Motorcycle riders don’t encounter the same stress levels as the commuters and car owners. An experienced rider actually enjoys the pleasures of getting thru traffic because it takes less time to travel and the constant experience of passing everyone else while they are stopped in traffic. The feeling of satisfaction is addictive.


Do you know how motorcycle riders talk? Watch this and listen to their own unique and funny way of describing the joy of riding.


We all make mistakes. But no one makes mistakes more entertaining than these guys. Watch and find out how famous people react to their own mishaps.

Ruru Madrid Interview

Ruru Madrid is a celebrity and first time rider who has discovered the joy and practicality of motorcycles especially in his line of work. Listen to what he has to say about his experience.

Motorcycle Vs. Time

Time: if time is short, riding a motorcycle is a quicker option than relying on jeepneys and other public transportation. Driving a car on the other hand is like riding the public transport but in a comfortable way. Motorcycle can whiz in and out of traffic in no time.
Facts: it takes a communter on the MRT 30 min to get to ayala station from north edsa that is if the train does not break down in the middle and the kilometric queue of MRT commuters.

Jay Taruc – Addiction in History

The only thing more far-reaching than this guy’s influence, is his motorcycle’s trip meter. Jay Taruc has been around! He’s one of the most influential riders in the country because of his immersive way of documenting people from all walks of life. One of the well-traveled scribes on two-wheels, he happily shares his not-so- secret diaries of his adventures. He is also a history buff who’s headlights always
flashes up whenever he hears etymological anecdotes of anything of interest.

Kuya Kim and His Exotic Beasts

Alejandro Ilagan “Kuya Kim” Atienza has always been hawk-eyed when it comes to owning the most exotic mechanical pets. His stable houses several “animals” ranging from purring mild ones, to screaming wild ones. Considered as therapeutic pets, Kuya Kim takes them out on weekends to refresh his senses. His idea of horse power is literal.